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Rawal Y, Jia L, Meir A, Zhou S, Ruben EA, Kwon Y, Bernstein KA, Jasin M, Burma S, Hromas R, Mazin AV, Zhao W, Zhou D, Wasmuth EV, Greene EC, Sung P, Olsen SK


Structural insights into BCDX2 complex function in homologous recombination

Nature. 2023 doi: 10.1038/s41586-023-06219-w. PMID: 37344589.

  • First publication from UT Health San Antonio Cryo-Electron Microscopy Facility!

Afsar M, Liu G, Jia L, Ruben EA, Nayak D, Sayyad Z, Bury PDS, Cano KE, Nayak A, Zhao X, Shukla A, Sung P, Wasmuth EV, Gack MU, Olsen SK


Cryo-EM structures of Uba7 reveal the molecular basis for ISG15 activation and E1-E2 thioester transfer

Nature Communications. In press.


Miyahira AK, Hawley JE, Adelaiye-Ogala R, Calais J, Nappi L, Parikh R, Seibert TM, Wasmuth EV, Wei XX, Pienta KJ, Soule HR


Exploring new frontiers in prostate cancer research

Report from the 2022 Coffey-Holden prostate cancer academy meeting

Prostate. 2023 Feb;83(3):207-226. PMID: 36443902


Yuan L, Gao F, Lv Z, Nayak D, Nayak A, Bury PDS, Cano KE, Jia L, Atligan FC, Oleinik N, Ogretmen B, El Oualid F, Wasmuth EV, Olsen SK


Structures of the bispecific Ubl activating enzyme Uba6 reveal novel catalytic and regulatory mechanisms

Nature Communications. 2022 Aug 19;13(1):4880. PMID: 35986001.


Nayak D, Wasmuth EV, Olsen SK


Clearing the air: Uniquely engaging furin as an approach to cystic fibrosis therapy

Cell Chemical Biology. 2022 June 16; 29(6): 927-929. PMID: 35714591.

Wasmuth EV*, Vanden Broeck A, LaClair JR, Hoover EA, Lawrence KE, Paknejad N, Pappas K, Matthies D, Wang B, Feng W, Watson PA, Zinder JC, Karthaus WR, de la Cruz MD, Hite RK, Manova-Todorova K, Yu Z, Weintraub ST, Klinge S, Sawyers CL*


Allosteric interactions prime androgen receptor dimerization and activation

Molecular Cell, 2022 June 2; 82(11): 2021-2031. PMID: 35447082. 

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Wasmuth EV, Hoover EA, Antar A, Klinge S, Chen Y, Sawyers CL


Modulation of androgen receptor DNA binding activity through direct interaction with the ETS transcription factor ERG

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2020 Apr 14;117(15):8584-8592. PMID: 32220959.

Das M, Zattas D, Zinder JC, Wasmuth EV, Henri J, Lima CD


Substrate discrimination and quality control require each catalytic activity of TRAMP and the nuclear RNA exosome

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2021 Apr 6; 118(14): e2024846118. PMID: 33782132.

Axhemi A, Wasmuth EV, Lima CD, Jankowsky E.


Substrate selectivity by the exonuclease Rrp6p

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 2019. Dec 26. pii: 201913236. PMID: 31879344.

Bose R, Karthaus WR, Armenia J, Abida W, Iaquinta PJ, Zhang Z, Wongvipat J, Wasmuth EV, Shah N, Sullivan PS, Doran MG, Wang P, Patruno A, International SU2C/PCF Prostate Cancer Dream Team, Zheng D, Schultz N, Sawyers CL


Loss of Function Mutations in ETS2 Repressor Factor (ERF) Reveal a Balance Between Positive and Negative ETS Factors Controlling Prostate Oncogenesis

Nature. 2017 Jun 29; 546(7660):671-5. PMID: 28614298.

Wasmuth EV, Zinder JC, Zattas D, Das M, Lima CD


Structure and reconstitution of yeast Mpp6-nuclear exosome complexes reveals that Mpp6 stimulates RNA decay and recruits the Mtr4 helicase

eLife. 2017 Jul 25;6. pii: e29062. PMID: 28742025.

Wasmuth EV, Lima CD


The Rrp6 C-terminal domain binds RNA and activates the nuclear RNA exosome

Nucleic Acids Research. 2017 Jan 25; 45(2):846-60. PMID: 27899565.

Zinder JC, Wasmuth EV, Lima CD


Nuclear RNA exosome at 3.1 Å reveals substrate specificities, RNA paths, and allosteric inhibition of Rrp44

Molecular Cell. 2016 Nov 17; 64(4):734-45. PMID: 27818140.

Wasmuth EV, Januszyk K, Lima CD


Structure of an Rrp6-RNA exosome complex bound to polyA RNA

Nature. 2014 Jul 24; 511(7510):435-9. PMID: 25043052.

Wasmuth EV, Lima CD


Structure and activities of the eukaryotic RNA exosome

The Enzymes – Eukaryotic RNases and their Partners in RNA Degradation and Biogenesis. 2012; 31:53-75. PMID: 27166440.

Wasmuth EV, Lima CD


The exo- and endoribonucleolytic activities of yeast cytoplasmic and nuclear RNA exosomes are dependent on the non-catalytic core and central channel

Molecular Cell. 2012 Oct 12; 48(1):133-44. PMID: 22902556.

Yasuda K, Dawson HD, Wasmuth EV, Roneker CA, Chen C, Urban JF, Welch RM, Miller DD, Lei XG


Supplementary dietary inulin influences expression of iron and inflammation related genes in young pigs

Journal of Nutrition. 2009 Nov; 139 (11): 2018-23. PMID: 19776179.

Lindegaard ML, Wassif CA, Vaisman B, Amar M, Wasmuth EV, Shamburek R, Nielsen LB, Remaley AT, Porter FD

Characterization of placental cholesterol transport: ABCA1 is a potential target for in utero therapy of Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome

Human Molecular Genetics. 2008 Dec 1; 17(23):3806-13. PMID: 18775956.

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